Food & Beverage Labels

Food packaging plays a significant role in consumer choice and product display. With thousands of brands in the marketplace, it’s important to label and package your products to catch a consumer’s attention. Whether your customers are everyday cooks or gourmet chefs, food product packaging must look appetizing!

At Shree Ji Printing, we understand the unique labeling requirements of food and beverage companies and have the labeling expertise to help your products “pop” when they’re displayed on a shelf among competing brands. We can create labels in custom shapes, from an array of materials — as well as wrap-around, multi-layered, shrink-sleeve and peel-back labels to meet your unique needs.

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Our staff has full knowledge of the specific requirements for labeling a wide range of food and beverage products, from ingredients to finished products, including — but not limited to — bakery, dairy, produce, jarred and bottled spices, condiments, sauces and specialty items, as well as drinks, including juices, wines, sodas and more.

Most of our dairy labels, for example, are printed on paper or white film with lamination and freezer-grade adhesive; they’ll resist moisture, stick to jugs, and won’t jam when automatically dispensed. Similarly, beverage labels must resist moisture and also withstand temperature changes from shelf to refrigerator, refrigerator to table.

Our state-of-the-art presses will make your food labels look as good as or better than the major food brands seen at retail — and our experience with food product safety is unparalleled. Whether it’s a question of resisting moisture, or withstanding extreme hot or cold, or meeting the FDA’s stringent regulations for safe materials, inks, coatings and adhesives, you can count on Shree Ji Printing.

Our product development team will recommend appropriate materials that ensure every food product label we create will meet or exceed the required product quality and safety specifications, as well as your specific desires. Ask us about our expanded content labels for recipes and cross-product promotion.

FDA labeling guidelines

It’s important that you review U.S. Food and Drug Administration labeling guidelines before you design your food and beverage product labels. To comply with FDA requirements, for example, you must display the name of the food, nutrition facts, and the net quantity. Use the links below to learn more about FDA standards, and count on Shree Ji’s experts to help as well.

Ingredients, packaging and labeling overview

Labeling and nutrition detail

FDA Food Labeling Guide

Topic-specific labeling information

Proposed changes coming to Nutrition Facts labeling

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