Household Product Labels

Great products start with great labels! Your product could be the best in its category, but a powerful, vibrant label often is what actually draws the consumer to it.

That’s where Shree Ji Printing excels. With a wide assortment of label materials in stock, we can help you build a label that can withstand an extended product cycle while protecting your labels from harsh chemicals and outside elements.

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We offer hundreds of sizes and shapes to conform to many of today’s popular bottle types, and we can custom-cut any specialty shapes you might need. We’ve got you covered with an array of materials from transparent film to laminated paper.

We can create durable wrap-around, multi-layered, shrink-sleeve or peel-back labels. Our household labels will perfectly fit your containers, promote your brand and tell your story, complete with instructions, warnings and anything else you might wish to say. Our sales staff will guide you with their extensive knowledge of household labels and help your product fly off the shelf.

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