Nutraceutical & Pharmaceutical Labels

The fastest-growing segment in the label industry is nutraceutical labels. Nutraceuticals are nutritional and dietary supplements and herbal products that consumers use as a healthcare alternative to traditional pharmaceutical medicines.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulates labeling for nutraceuticals, dietary supplements, over-the-counter medicines and prescription drugs. Although nutraceuticals and supplements are not regulated or tested like pharmaceuticals, their uses and benefits still need to be explained, and, depending upon their ingredients, labeling might also need to comply with FDA regulations.

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Shree Ji Printing excels at nutraceutical and pharmaceutical labeling. Our clients require expanded content labels (which can be used for additonal drug facts), multi-page labels, peel-and-reseal labels and tamper-evident labels — as well as durable materials, inks, coatings and adhesives that will stand up to daily handling. We’re also cognizant of applicable federal guidelines and regulations for materials, adhesives, inks and coatings — just as with our food labels — and we’ll advise you accordingly.

We adhere to stringent standard operating procedures, comply with good manufacturing practices, and provide 100% label inspection, certificates of compliance, barcode verification, and roll numbering, as well as backside label numbering, for label control. Periodic audits by pharmaceutical manufacturers verify our compliance with their specific requirements.

Trust Shree Ji Printing, the private label specialist for pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals. Our experienced team understands the need for high-quality, eye-catching labels and we will work with you to develop a labeling solution that appeals to your needs and satisfies FDA guidelines.

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