Upload Artwork

You must supply us with your artwork before ordering to ensure that your art is “to spec” and ready to print. Email art to info@sjprinting.com or upload to https://www.hightail.com/u/shreejiprinting.

Artwork File Requirements
We accept either Adobe Illustrator native art files (.ai, .eps) or “high resolution” .pdf files.

  • All links and fonts must be provided with art, or all links must be embedded and all fonts outlined into the art file.
  • All art files must be saved in CMYK color mode.


Create and save your art/pictures at the resolution of 300 dpi in order for us to produce a high-quality label.


There must be 1/16” (0.625”) inside margin on all designs. We will not be responsible for accuracy when trimming your labels if there is not sufficient margin around your design.


Provide a minimum of 1/8” (0.125”) bleed outside the final trim or die size.

Color Trapping

We do all color trapping with our Esko RIP software in-house.

NOTE: If you must provide an art file with trapping, please set the trap minimum to 0.5 points or .006 inches.

Color Matching

We will try to match your color as closely as possible, but we cannot be responsible for the final printed colors when exact PMS colors are not specified at the time the order is placed. We cannot guarantee to match colors as seen on your computer screen. RGB bitmaps view differently on different computer systems and we suggest that you provide us with a color sample or specific Pantone spot colors whenever possible.

Rewind Style

Please choose a rewind style if your job is going to be packaged in rolls.

Proofs & Art Approval

Any art that needs extensive preparation, trapping, color separations, alterations, or recreation by us will incur art charges and delay printing and delivery time of our order.

Contact Shree Ji Printing for more information or a quote.